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 Soul Clinic
May, 2008
Just arrived at May 1, 2008
Biggg Shady / Gonna put in a love song ( - )
lots of oldschool flavored slowies with Barry White or Issac Hayes feel, sit back and relax with this mellow and smoooth sounds
May 2, 2008
David Ruffin Jr. / All my life ( - )
yes, the son of great David Ruffin, soulful urban R&B with his throaty voice, not oldschool, 4 songs only (CD single)
May 3, 2008
RNB Smoove / Luv u better ( - )
Variet (aka "RNB Smoove") is male duo with smooth yet catchy hooks, emotional singings with hiphop twist, worth trying
Duprai Marcel / Evolution of a love affair vol. 1 (Melody Inc.)
urban R&B with "pop" or a little "hiphop" influences, Usher meets Luther?? smooth and emotional (CD-R)
Chickenslacks! / Dancin' with the ( - )
the Boston based blue-eyed "party" band with tight rhythm section and gritty horns, almost all remakes of "soul" biggies, the soulful lead singer is Durant "Diamond D" Wilkerson  (CD-R)
Bron Stone / Space crazy ( - )
urban R&B with groovy midtempo magic, lead singers are Kevin Moore and Stephanie Sanders (CD-R)
May S, 2008
Keoki (Dezert Rain)
jazzy & sophisticated urban R&B, female singer from Georgia, 3 songs only(CD single, CD-R)
Kjean / I believe (Zion 3)
"contemporar christian" meets "urban R&B", male singer from Texas, smooth singings, not bad and try..... (CD-R)
May 5, 2008
Mr. S.H.A.D.O.W. / The shadow project (For Shadow)
blend of soulful urban R&B and hiphop by this emotional male singer, try if you like passionate singing voice
LeRoy Barbour / LeRoy Barbour's gospel side (Moore Recordings)
he now sings gospel in his own traditional way, smoothly sung with a bit southern flavor (CD-R)
May 6, 2008
Doctor Wu Rock and Soul Revue / Reunion : live at the Mark Cornell Cancer Benefit ( - )
this Chicago based blue-eyed band plays & sings classic '60s Stax and Atlantic style soul music, almost all are remakes of big hits, some appeal for "party" lovers or "shagg" crazies
Walter "Wolfman" Washington / Doin' the funky thing (Zoha)
funky funky New Orleans by this veteran singer/guitarist, some bluesy slow ballads also
Phillip Manuel / Swingin' in the holidays! (Glad-Man)
originaly released in '99? recently resurfaced on the market, jazzy Christmas album, too jazzy for his R&B fan?
V.A. / Her name is New Orleans : listen to the woman (Ashe Cultural Art Center)
10 songs by New Orleans female singers from blues, R&B, funk, gospel to jazz, some from their CDs, some from obscure recordings, Charmaine Neville, Wanda Rouzan etc.
May 7, 2008
Mike Styllz / One love ( - )
really smooth'n emotional R&B with light rap mix, try if you like Boyz II Men etc.
Cyril Neville & Tribe 13 / The healing dance (E.S.)
New Orleans funk sounds! mixture of R&B, funk, traditional second-line beat, caribbean rhythm etc., real gumbo music
May 8, 2008
Big Hugh Boynton / Royal flush : a tribute to Otis Redding (Royal H)
title says all, soulful remakes of great big O, try if you like oldschool or southern soul(CD-R)
The Blues Experience with Cash McCall / The Vintage room (Dixon Landing Music)
the blues sounds in a tradition of Chicago blues, Alex Dixon (grandson of the legendary Willie Dixon) meets Cash McCall (CD-R)
May 9, 2008
Nana King / The beginning ( - )
urban R&B with various genres of music - some hiphop some African influence etc., male singer from California wwith Ghanaian parents
Asaf Productions / Vol. 1 (The OC Recording Company)
a compilation album featuring mixture of R&B, hiphop, pop and petry produced by Asaf Productions, various emotional male/female singers from USA, Sweden, Canada etc.
Levi John / Generations ( - )
smooth R&B with "pop" flavor, male singer from Florida
May 10, 2008
Glenside Allstars / Ampliflower ( - )
veteran blue-eyed band (featuring "black" female singer) from Philly, mixture of R&B, oldschool soul, southern-soul, blues, rock and funk, bluesy and funky hommage to the Philly soul music of the '70s?
Fred Clayton & the IRC / Changing up the pace! not just blues ( - )
the 2nd (?) album by this blues bassist/singer, the blues in the soul era like Robert Clay, recorded in France
J. Love / Life's side effects vol. 1 (Don't Sleep)
lots of heartfelt slowies here, mixture of urban R&B, traditional soul music and gospel, female singer from Missouri (CD-R)
May 11, 2008
V.A. / The 5th family of southern soul (Hep' Me)
15 songs by southern R&B singers, some recent songs some old, some well-known singers like Bobby Powell, The Love Doctor or Monique Ford and some obscure singers like Eddie Rasberry, Robert Robinson (CD-R)
V.A / The 6th family of southern soul (Hep' Me)
15 more songs, almost the same concept as above but with a few more oldies songs (by Johnny Adams), some obscure singers like Alfrieda Upshaw or Randy "Wildnan" Brown (who?) (CD-R)
Mr. X / Sit down on it (Hep' Me)
X. Parker? downhome southern R&B sounds with deep'n emotional singings, Senator Jones produce (CD-R)
May 12, 2008
Marcus Allen / Get to know me (Echo-Vista)
followup release to his "Never again" album, slow jams galore! lots of really smooth yet fully emotional slowies
Enchantment / Greatest hits live (Soul Concerts)
12 songs including their big hits like "Gloria""It's you that I need" etc. "live" in Bloomington IL., should see and hear the performances if you're fan of this group (DVD)
The Floaters / Float on (Soul Concerts)
7 songs "live" in Detroit + interview, now the team of three males and one female singer, they still can sing with harmony! (DVD)
May 13, 2008
Rahbi / Raw live (RAHBIMUSIC)
urban R&B with an influence of Prince or Rick James, male singer from Georgia
May 14, 2008
Images (EMI Gospel)
four piece male gospel group with R&B flavor, soulful lead singers
The Rocky Mountain All Stars / Daddy's comin' home
blue-eyed singer with "oldschoo soul" influence from Colorado, some "country" flavor also (CD-R)
Billy Hinton / Extending ( - )
smooth R&B with a bit "oldschool" touch, some instrumental tracks, try "Share" first (CD-R)
May 15, 2008
Trev / Your luv (Cionne's Music Group)
somebody called his music as "good old-fashioned R&B with an up-to-date twist", lots of emotional slow jams, worth trying this, male singer from Pennsylvania 
Alvin Rhodes / Misty for you ( - )
lots of emotional R&B with strong oldschool flavor, features saxophone on many tracks, not bad and try.....
Prime Time Funk / Ready and willing (Eiffel)
New York based funk'n soul group with multi racial members, soulful vocals with tight horns, not bad if you like Tower of Power etc.
May 16, 2008
Audius / Day like this (Blindfaith Ent.)
smoothly sung urban R&B with light touch of "pop", tender and soft yet fully soulful, male singer, Australian release
Kalestino / I swear it (Scob)
Nigerian singer, all urban R&B slowies sung in English, emotional singings, 6 songs (mini CD, CD-R)
Kalestino / My princess (Scob)
Nigerian singer, all urban R&B slowies sung in English, emotional singings, 6 songs (mini CD, CD-R)
May 17, 2008
Brenton Garrett / The unestablished truth ( - )
emotional urban R&B in "acoustic" mood, 8 songs only (mini CD)
DL Johnson / Pop that ( - )
2 songs 6 versions, you'll love his lovely slow ballad "You ain't gotta lie" (CD single, CD-R)
Wordslave / T.R.I.B.E. Worldwide & LuvLife Ent. present
: the art of words vol. 1 (LuvLife Ent.)
oldschool R&B meets hiphop with meaningful lyrics, Rahsaan "Wordslave" Eldridge from Maryland (CD-R)
Shelita Vaughns / Sweet thoughts ( - )
smooth yet sultry R&B with her own melodic voice, Houston -born lady (CD-R)
May 18, 2008
El' Willie / Situations (Ash Street Productions)
lots of southern R&B slowies with his own super mellow voice (a la Barry White or Issac Hayes), moody groovy and soulful, 16 songs (CD-R)
Grady Champion / Back in Mississippi live at the 930 Blues Cafe (GSM Music)
traditional blues sounds featuring Eddie Cotton Jr., a few downhome southern R&B
V.A / 21st century blues (Ecko)
14 songs culled from various southern labels (mainly Ecko label), 21st century blues = recent southern R&B, good selection but no new songs, Ronnie Lovejoy, Luther Lackey, Kenne Wayne, Toni Green, Sterling Williams etc.
May 19, 2008
Kenne Wayne / You're the best (Good Time)
southern R&B with "contemporary" touch, his voice is still soulful and deep, not his best but far better than other "averare" independent southern albums
Rue Davis / Return of the legend (Boomtown)
southern R&B album produced by Carl Marshall, influences of Johnnie Taylor, Z.Z. Hill, Bobby Bland etc., will be big in any downsouth black clubs
May 20, 2008
Da One / Sweat, blood & tears (Deepthought Productions)
emotional male R&B with hiphop gear from North Carolina
Miriamm / Road of peace (JasMar WorldWide, LLC)
mixture of contemporary R&B, inspirational lyrics and pop sense, comfortable for ears, try if you like Whitney or Celine (CD-R)
May 21, 2008
Jones / Stay for a while (Nation Music)
blue-eyed R&B singer from Swiss, D'Angelo follower? soft. warm yet fully soulful sounds
David King / Six o three (Takama Music)
New York-born-now-Japan-based singer, followup release to his "Allinthegame" album, sensitive but soulful
V.A. / Wilberforce 200 : A change is gonna come (Virtual Music Enterprise)
14 songs specially recorded to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade featuring Billy Ocean, Janet Kay, Ruby Turner, Junior etc., not too "gospel" but full of R&B, remakes of good ol' soul music and smooth jazz
Tonio / Love is what we need ( - )
soul'n gospel by this Georgia male singer, 2 songs (CD single)
May 22, 2008
E. M. Morris / Get it (MoVibe Entertainment)
advertised as "R&B with a hiphop vibe that is street/club friendly and romantic for the ladies", yes it's true, lots of emotional singings (CD-R)
KG / The art of love (Kgomotso Tsatsi)
urban female R&B with hiphop vibe from Canada, catchy sometimes yet fully emotional, try if you're fan of Lauryn Hill
Harmony / The piano room ( - )
two female duo from Georgia, lovely yet emotional singings with "neo-soul" flavor, almost all slowies
May 23, 2008
Color Blind (Predestined Entertainment)
contemporary gospel with soulful male/female lead singers, some R&B flavor
Bosco / City of nowhere ( - )
Brittany Bosco from Georgia, "urban" meets "neo-soul" with a touch of "retro"? 8 songs only (mini CD, CD-R)
Keignz Ransom / Change (D-Town)
emotional male R&B ballad with hiphop gear, one song, not bad and try ... (CD single, CD-R)
Narvel / Youngest in da game ( - )
call "The new school blues"?   downhome blues'n soul with "party" mood, mid-tempo and slow songs by this Mississippi born male singer, 2 songs (CD single, CD-R)
Donald Ray Johnson / Travelin' man ( - )
Texas born blues'n soul singer, electric guitar with soulful blues vocals a la Albert King, Barry White, Isssac Hayes etc., Canadian release
May 24, 2008
Soul Essence / A new beginning (Soul Essence Music)
two male's duo from Oregon, Fillipino and Korean? emotional R&B with harmonies, some "pop" flavor also
Hillary Smith / No easy way ( - )
soulful "blue-eyed" blues'n soul  singer a la Etta James, backede by Clyde Stubblefield and Bobby Shew, professional & talented female singer
May 25, 2008
Lissen / Can you hear us now? (Koch)
vocal/instrumental group featuring SOULFUL male/female lead singers with harmonies, worth listening, their 2nd album
CeCe Winans / The kingdom come (PureSprings Gospel)
mixture sounds of contemporary gospel, R&B and pop? a bit too "pop" for serious gospel loverrs?
Barbara Healy & Deb Cleveland / The love sisters (McKenna)
blues'n soul sounds by two soulful female team (one blue-eyed, one afro-american), 5 songs only (mini CD, CD-R)
The Legendary Rhythm & Blues Revue / Command performance (Delta Groove)
allstar blues group featuring Tommy Castro etc., mainly blue-eyed musician, "See you hurt no more" by Ronnie Baker Brooks is traditional style R&B ballad
Willie Lee Dixon Sr. / The recreator / Music for the 21st. century (Clubhouse Productions)
downhome gospel with a hint of "southern-soul", too downhome? (CD-R)
May 26, 2008
Yasu / The imitation of life (OPM)
try if you like Faith Evans or Jill Scott, "spiritual R&B" with "neo-soul" approach
Euge Groove / Born 2 groove (Narada Jazz)
popular "smooth jazz" sax player, please remember that there's 2 emotional vocal tracks by Ali Ollie Woodson and Jeffrey Osbourne, sorry for the late review this was '07 release
Dain Harris - Brandon A. Thomas / For a monent - A soul acoustic ( - )
double mini album (EP) by two emotional R&B singers, both (male) singers sounds like "Marvin Gaye meets John Legends with an acoustic touch"
May 27, 2008
Cameron Jones / We should be (Big Boy Entertainment)
2 emotional urban ballads (CD single)
G. Wright / All things are possible (Fire Heart, Inc)
contemporary gospel with R&B flavor, male singer from Georgia (CD-R)
Sould track / Trials and tribulations : Silhouettes of a woman's story ( Spirited Soul Productions)
contemporary gospel album featuring various southern California's new female singers, sounds almost R&B, lots of emotional or heartfelt slowies
Lonne / Striving and surviving (G&G)
actually '04 release but I review this for the first time, Lonne Givens from Chicago, oldschool R&B songs tribute to "breast cancer foundations", 2 songs (CD single, CD-R)
May 28, 2008
The Dells / Then and now (DWR)
incredibly 56 years together with Marvin Junior, Chuck Barksdale etc., still SOULFUL singings with tight harmonies, 9 songs, some are from their "Open up my heart" or "The second time" albums (CD-R)
V.A. / Soul steppin' (Forevermore)
summertime soul? Carolina music? compilation of 16 "beach music" lovers from this label & others, Legendary Dukes, Jay Proctor, Teri Gore, Russell Thompkins Jr., etc., all finger snappin' and good-tempo songs
May 29, 2008
Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves / Roll with you (Q Divisdion)
you can't believe that this white boy sings such soulful traditional R&B! sure that bring you back to the glory days of "southern deep soul", should try if you like recent Willie Walker
Rhett George / Something better ( - )
contemporary with hiphop edge, some "pop" or "smooth R&B" influences on some tracks
May 30, 2008
Christi / I found my rhythm ( - )
Christi Warner from Namibia, urban R&B with African rhythm influence, sounds almost "R&B made in USA"
Simon Hood / Find a way ( - )
call this "throw back R&B"? emotional male singer from North Carolina (CD-R)
May 31, 2008
Nayo / African girl (Fyro Music)
fresh "neo-soul" sounds with UK R&B flavor, light African beat also, all emotional slowies
Freddie "D" / Here I am ( - ) 
romantic love songs! all smooth and emotional singings, duet with Tanya Jarvis on "When something is wrong with my baby", 4 songs only (CD single)
V.A. / The champions of R&B (SPV)
compilation of Nashville blues'n soul by Roscoe Shelton, Freddie Waters, Charles Walker,Larry LaDon, Johnny Jones, Earl Gaines etc., lots of traditional southern deep ballads, almost all already on previous albums on Black Magic label etc.

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