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Just arrived at December 1, 2004
Rebirth Episode 5 Base 9 neo-soul/gospel fusion, female lead singer in Lisa McClendon st
Terry Myrick I bowed to the Father Sweet Melody male gospel with (high) tenor voice, small element of R&B
G.T.Danniels Exit out of love Madphat Productions old old school R&B + blues + jazz, 2 songs (CD single)
Saturn V Deviant SJG call his music "alternative urban R&B"? mixture of Prince, rock music, funk, street etc. (CD-R)
Kynt Adrenaline -  self produced his debut album, RuPaul type, funky electric upbeat numbers (CD-R)
December 2, 2004
James Lee same Universal not independent but major release, overlooked? emotional ballads and mid tempo tracks, 4 songs 5 versions (CD single)
Mike Jimenez The power project II the covers - mainly latin or jump blues numbers, a few smooth R&B tracks (CD-R)
Dirty Rat Rookie of the year Stiff Arm mainly rap, "Ideal" is featured in R&B vocal track "The one
December 3, 2004
John Gray Covenant MannaGod different from his gospel inspired "Journey" album, this is for R&B listeners but with a little gospel phrasing, many soulful & emotional slowies, Brian McKnight type?
Brenda Campbell Praising the Lord with Brenda - contemporary gospel with R&B flavor, 6 tracks (mini CD)
KTJ Are you ready? Hillview I got my copy about two years ago but re-surfaced again on the market, three piece male group, smooth yet soulful singers with harmony!
LJ Without U Paid In Full another "LJ", new singer from H-Town, emotional downtempo track, Usher type? 2 songs 5 versions (CD single)
December 4, 2004
Mona J. Life lessons truth Eagle Eye not hiphop but pure R&B! contemporary urban lady with gospel roots, not bad
Brother Jay Let Jesus be the starr  Forgiven By Grace his 4th release, male gospel with oldschool R&B influence
The Vikings Everybody loves Marvin remix Brain Power Eric & the Vikings, they recently released TOO MANY CDs, many duplicates on each other, 9 tracks with some "remix"s (CD-R)
December 5, 2004
Da Problemsolvas Merry Christmas from the Bigg Man Over 25 So Bigg Robb does it again! very traditional & southern styled R&B album, mixture of downhome southern soul, blues, gospel, funk, talkbox and his humor (CD-R)
Chris Thomas King Why my guitar screams & moans 21st Century Blues one of the better blues album of '04, include sone R&B flavored tracks like "Legend" or "Come home tonight" etc.
December 6, 2004
Jimmi Mayes Messin' with the kid Depo local blues/R&B band from Chicago by Tommy Hunt's brother, includes cover of "Open the door to your heart" and McKinley Mitchell's last two recordings (on Big Boy label)
Julie Dexter Conscious Ketch a Vibe long-awaited her third release, neo-soul sound with some latin grooves
Lisa Gay and Thrill Favorite things Clemenza Christmas album, smooth R&B sounds with jazzy flavor, Patti Austin style? 7 tracks only (mini CD, CD-R)
December 7, 2004
Maurice Davis The right way SIMS his best release? full of southern blues'n soul! SIMS is really watchout label
Elijah featuring Park Ave Street love ya Five Eight's he's founding member of "Tony Toni Tone", some fantasic ballads like "My everything" "Waitin in line" plus "street" R&B tracks
Mustafa Akbar Natural high Odara "P-funk meets old funk" with soulful singings
Jazmine All that Jaz.... JamRoc Music female R&B with hiphop sense (CD-R
Adrianne Archie Hthaelhh Soul LinQ Productions smooth fusion of gospel lyrics and neo-soul sounds
December 8, 2004
Bob Steele Life with women Sound Mindz mixture of blues, downhome R&B, Sam Cooke etc., my favorite is more "urban" tracks like "It's drivin' me crazy"
Melodious Ephesians 5:19 Jubal "one male and three female" gospel group, a little flavor of R&B singings
CoryLavel Like this... Lewis Entertainment Cory Lavela Lewis, today's urban sound like Usher, some reminiscent of Stevie or Marvin??
December 9, 2004
Little Kim Stewart Bootleg baby Hep' Me fresh southern soul lady! "young" Candi Staton feel
Chris Rob The official bootleg of : vol. 1 Newday groovy blend of R&B, funk, hiphop and other urban music, "Naima" is incredibly John Coltrane's cover (CD-R)
December 10, 2004
Will Downing Christmas, love and you GRP sings Christmas favorites with all star backing group, classy but too smooth?
LaFelle Tell me Beat Lounge young male singer, one emotional song 4 versions, from his forthcoming album? (CD single, CD-R)
LaFelle Power of love Beat Lounge one more his single, hiphop'n R&B medium, 2 versions (CD single)
December 11, 2004
Unison All things considered... 'Cane three piece "harmony" group, all acoustic sound of urban R&B, 7 tracks only (mini CD)
Rudy Jovan "Holiday loving 2004" with - his '03 version of "Holiday loving " album plus two additional tracks, include "I'll be home for Christmas (tribute to the style & sound of the late Curtis Mayfield)", 8 tracks (mini CD, CD-R)
KLE How I wish - young emotional male singer from New York area, urban R&B with hiphop influence (CD-R)
Yasmun Get-gone Eastboogiecity Productions oldschool R&B singer with a little "hiphop & blues" twist, 3 tracks (CD single, CD-R)
December 12, 2004
Rue Davis For real Studio Showtime he's now on "new" label, lots of souther, deep, downhome, soulful tracks a la Z.Z.Hill
Rue Davis Let's make this a special Christmas Studio Showtime emotional "oldschool" slow song, not on above album, vocal & inst. versions (CD single)
Suga Bush A love odyssey - a rock-tinged neo-soul singer, one of Jill Scott follower
Philip Hamilton Blues, rhythm, rhythm and blues Montenegro his "unique" blues album, "She never talked to me that way" is '60s style R&B with Sam Cooke feel
December 13, 2004
Bowman Hoochie coochie... - not blues but downhome R&B by Arizona soul man, mixture of deep singings, soulful rhythm & funky feeling, try his "Stranger" or "Sweet moment" first and get this
Shawn Powell Hello - lots of slow urban jams with a touch of neo-soul (CD-R)
Ron Tyson Christmas ... my favorite holiday Sweet T the FIRST solo album by this Temptations singer, holiday classics + hisoriginals, peaceful album but not so soulful
Dwight Ritcher Radioman - blue-eyed R&B band from Boston area, their 3rd album, alternative R&B with Ben Harper touch, more "soulful" than you might expect
Jackee Ready Icon Music Group contemporary gospel with a little influence of R&B, female singer
December 14, 2004
Nicole C. Mullen Everyday people Word her 6th (or 7th) album, fusion of gospel and R&B, credits of Tommy Sims, Shanon Sanders etc., title track is cover of Sly & Family Stone!
Masterwerks Old school & today's R&B - the latest release among their 25 CDs! more original more "goodtime" music, sung by Feliz Hernandez, Tony Harris, Ted Heath etc. (CD-R)
Estella The 18th day... V2 new UK diva, mixture of newschool/oldschool R&B, hiphop & even UK garage
VS All kinds of trouble Virgin pop R&B group from UK, 2 females & 3 males, many catchy tunes
December 15, 2004
Martin Luther Rebel soul music Rebel Soul his 2nd album, "new" generation of R&B music but still "soulful"
Minister Bryan L. Oakley Preacha man Cherubim Musik, Inc. male gospel with R&B flavor, soulful singings
V.A. Geechee Geechee R&B and gospel music by three singers - Laurelei Dowe, Phillip Ballou & Precious Lennard
Broken Angel same White Elephant UK's melodious funk
V.A. Muse recordings presents ... Marc's Project Muse Angela Birchett, Steven Snead, Kisma Jordan, Charles Dove, Nathan Tolbert etc, mainly urban R&B with ne-soul or hiphop influences, I like "Brand new" (The Stylistics cover) by Angela
December 16, 2004
Anthony Watson I love being single Amherst THE "sweet" R&B album! ex Chi-Lites singer, romantic, sexy & smooth songs galore!
Dozie Redemption Afrisoul Music Nigerian/British new comer pronounced "Doh-zee-ay", mixture of UK soul, neo-soul, alternative R&B and african flavor
Malia Echoes of dreams Epic the 2nd album by this French lady, urban R&B tracks with "neo-soul" touch + pop/AOR tracks
Jonathan Dunn Another level - dynamic gospel singer with R&B feeling
Love Just love - male singer named Aaron B. Chenery from New York, tender & delicate "love" songs with (high) tenor voice (CD-R)
Little Buster & The Soul Brothers Live! volume one Little Buster his "live" in Japan, recording credit is "June 1993 & December 1996", really? I don't see him play in Japan on '93, anyway nice combination of blues & soul! (CD-R)
December 17, 2004
Denise LaSalle Wanted Ecko Denise is comin' to sing in Japan tomorrow! mature but still powerful southern soul sounds! "It was a house until you made it a home" is my recent favorite
JJ Love, hate and the somewhere inbetween Altunative male singer, emotional singings with oldschool flavor, lots of slowies, some hiphop inspired tracks
Phree Soul Soul contact Niobium described as "soulful, jazzy gospel R&B by Paul Johnson", their 2nd album, blend of many genes with funky groove (CD-R)
V.A. Soul essentials 8 Cutting Edge 14 well-chosen recent independent R&B cuts, Sakai, Jean Norris, Urban Mystic, Metropolis, Onpointe etc., Japanese release
V.A. Nite flyt Brown Sugar interesting compilation of Brown Sugar label in Japan, Kaire (=Kelly B), 3T, Pryde, LOVE2 etc., mainly previously released but some very obscure now, all mellow or groovy tracks, Japanese release
Mark Daniels Vegas blue - George Benson follower, guitarlist/vocalist
Joe Business & the Bad Mo' Stanky's same - R&B band from Maui island, urban sound with "world" influence (CD-R)
December 18, 2004
The Chi-Lites Live Classic World their recent "live" in Canada, Marshall Thompson, Robert Lester, Frank Reed & Tara Thompson (female)! not their better release but ....
Queen AaMinah Love reigns Unity Music mixture of neo-soul, jazz, hiphop & funk, Jill Scott meets Sarak Vaughn?
Cedric B Conversations Cnotes Cedrick Buard from Arizona, smooth yet emotional male singer (CD-R)
Eric Parker Something EP Production male R&B with a taste of "old school", emotional & mellow (CD-R)
December 19, 2004
Jamie Sparks Fun tonight Kicksta Music one of his best album, lots of smooth yet soulful tracks! worth listening
Second Chance Judge not Higher Praise traditional male gospel group with a little R&B elements (CD-R)
Divine Anything is possible Free Style female gospel duo with R&B flavor, one "averare" song 2 versions (CD single)
Devin Davis Blindside - his 3rd release, upbeat mixes of mainstreet pop and club R&B + slow jams (CD-R)
Dellie Hoskie I'm back but real love is gone AppolloEarBone wow! what a nostalgic name! but he's now really comeback, downhome southern R&B, I like "Missing you" etc. (CD-R)
Vince Dues, paid in full Swutwedu Entertainment Vincent Corey Walker from Chicago, emotional R&B with hiphop sense (CD-R)
December 20, 2004
TASOJ Christian race - traditional male gospel group, some R&B inspired tracks
Lance Moffett Revitalize 24beat contemporary R&B with hiphop & funk flava
Dirty Soul same Hearsay three mellow'n SOULFUL tracks from his debut album "Street love", the most expected male singer! (CD single, CD-R)
Eric Cire Love vowels Cire Entertainment two very emotional ballads! male singer, any chance of album? (CD single, CD-R)
Carl Weathersby Hold on - one of the best "recent" blues singer/guitarlist, of course mainly blues but some R&B inspired tracks like "Feels like rain" etc.
December 21, 2004
Chuck Strong Let's get back together Waldoxy now he's in Malaco family, lots of groovy southern medium & emotional slowies, my longtime favorite singer
Joaquin Child support Modev urban R&B with hiphop flavor, and mixture of many elements - soft rock, latin, acoustic etc., male singer from California
The R&B allstars Live! from San Francisco - multi-racial vocal/instrumental group, lots of groovy covers of soul oldies, Fred Ross or Larry Batiste are "black" lead singers
Sweet Claudette Sending you to man school B 4 Reel the 3rd album by this Detroit female blues singer, more R&B feel than before
Meant To Be Fishers of men Witty Inventions family trio of two females & one male, contemporary gospel, almost no interest for R&B listeners? 4 tracks (mini CD)
December 22, 2004
Penny Wells Shine A.M.A.C nice Detroit lady! sophisticated R&B sound but more "soulful" than Maysa or Jean Carne
Bintu The ugly sessions EP Bintu Music male singer, looks rap album but sounds the roots music of R&B (old "soul", blues & gospel) with his own unique "modern" touch
Styl-plus Singles Styl-plus Music Nigerian male trio called "Africa's BOYS 2 MEN", emotional with smooth harmony, sung by English, 4 songs 10 versions (mini CD)
The Gospel Wonders same Church Howse traditional gospel by two soulful singers with a touch of R&B
Bernadette Lawrence Try romance Verdict blend of R&B, reggae & caribbean rhythms, some dancable tracks
Nana Margaret Tandoh Seasons and times MJM contemporary female gospel, sounds like almost R&B
December 23, 2004
Lamar Thomas Everybody oughta dance ThomTay lots of groovy mid tempo tracks & emotional slowies, my favorite
King Henry VII I decree R&B Guess Henry Williamson's second album, modern versions of traditional R&B? (CD-R)
Shelly Fisher Syories Vantown oldschool-ish R&B balladiar, include the covers of "Shining star""Dock o' the bay" etc., the same singer as "Girl, I love you" fame
December 26, 2004
G. L. Smooth Changed Spirit Filled gospel lyrics but sounds PURE R&B! soulful singings with R&B harmony, my recent favorite album
Jonathan Brown Restore me Genesis Entertainment male gospel with R&B influence (CD-R)
Gordon Chambers Introducing... Chamber Music talented song writer/singer! contemporary R&B with "classic" feel, emotional ballads
Robert E. Person The call REP Music contemporary gospel with R&B flavor
Angela Blair Give me your love (special remix version)  (3-n-One expanded version (7 tracks) to the original album which was reviewed in May '04
Aziel Take you away Octane soulful, emotional & sexy male singer! contemporary R&B with a little hiphop sense, worth listening
December 27, 2004
Rheel Menn Keepin it rheel Fresh Start expanded album with different cover jacket, 14 tracks, rename from Ol' Heads, oldschool & soulful group with harmony
Billy Terry In the beginning - mixture of modern-day R&B, oldschool, hiphop, funky & pop, a bit "out-of-tune" in sometimes
Ted E. Fame same T.E.F. the 2nd album after "Cool & sexy" on Ted E. Music/Trans Urban, smooth love ballads & heavy beat dancers
Shawn Cannon Da chapter room...The EP Cannon Music mainly downtempo urban R&B, sexy & soulful singer! 7 tracks only (mini CD, CD-R)
December 28, 2004
Donald Wright It's the way they are Afganic pop R&B with oldschool approach, not so interesting (CD-R)
Sairen One Love's revolution JK male singer from Texas, alternate R&B
Dique "Unique" Cannon Dique's unique treasures Cannonized Music sexy & seductive Anita Baker? "neo soul" meets "traditional soul" (CD-R)
December 29, 2004
The Bleu Lights Forever Gumption "veteran" male group from Baltimore, remember their 45s on Bay Sound label? "Four Tops or The Dells" meets jazzy "Four Freshmen"? some nice slow ballads with tight harmony in '60s mood
.J.S.O.U.L. Urban retrospective Blackout Studios born Jamal Smith, "JSOUL" on the stage, sometimes reminds me of '70s soul sounds like Marvin Gaye, sometimes contemporary R&B with hiphop flava (CD-R)
King Im ready - new male singer with soulful voice from North Carolina, R&B mixed with a little gospel & hiphop (CD-R)
Mr.Wizard Look back Lunar blue-eyed soul singer from St. Louis, mixture of R&B, rock & pop
Chief One more chance Represent That hiphop'n R&B track, more "R&B" than his album "NV-N-Greed", 2 songs (CD single, CD-R)
December 30, 2004
The Longshot Sessions The soul of R&B DaMan oldschool R&B (and Chicago style steppers) by soulful singers such as Keith Stwart, Marzette Griffith, Heaven & Earth etc., my recent favorite album! try to hear this!
Lisa Leuschner Sing me home Succession R&B Christmas album by blue-eyed lady, the semi-finalist of "American Idol"

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