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Marc Staggers-a native Washingtonian-is an R&B singer with a unique and soulful style that is somewhat reminiscent of the late Luther Vandross.

Before embarking on his new journey, Marc had released several gospel projects and was involved in past compilation CD projects including "Songs of Inspiration" and "What He's Done for Me," with the late Clifton Dyson. Marc had several radio appearances including "Glory in the Morning," with Winston Chaney on 1340 WYCB (Radio One); Heaven 1580, with Matt and Cheryl; and WWGB 1030, with Debra Britt. Marc was the executive producer of "If You Can Dream," on 1340 WYCB, which sought to promote local talent. Marc's Television appearances have been featured on the Maryland Public Television (MPT) program "Artworks This Week," with Nate Howard; ABC Channel 2 News, with Terry Owens; ABC Channel 2 "Grace & Glory," with Lee Michaels; PAX Cable Television show "Life Styles," with Deborah Britt; and the cable program "Glorify His Name," hosted by James McCollum.

Staggers soulful voice has carried him into many venues including singing background for Mom and Pop Winans at "From the Heart Ministries"; and Kathy Myers at Lincoln Theater in Washington DC. He has also performed and recorded with the Late Clifton Dyson and Stu Gardner, musical director for Bill Cosby. Other behind the scenes opportunities have included producing a radio talent show that showcased new gospel acts called "If You Can Dream" which lived a short season on Radio One's WYCB 1340AM in Washington, D.C. Staggers has also been featured on numerous live performances, including The Million Mom's March in Washington, D.C and at the British Embassy for the Washington Redskin Darrell Green Charity foundation.

Marc Staggers' first R&B album "Then and Now" represents a return to "Old School" and contemporary R&B that all music lovers of R&B will undoubtedly appreciate. Marc--in collaboration with his brother Reggie Staggers--created songs which can truly be described as "comfort food for the ears," evoking warm feelings and emotions that seemed to have been absent from music for a long time...until now. Marc's voice is reminiscent of the late Luther Vandross and Marc's lyrics also serve to remind the listener of a time perhaps not so long ago, when romance, respect, and love are so important,... not just in music, but in life.

Interview with Marc Staggers...

- Could you briefly tell us about your background, like, where you're born?
I was born in Washington, D.C., where I've lived most of my life.

- What did you grow up listening to?
I listened to all genres of music, Motown, Stax, R&B, Soul, Smooth Jazz and various other styles.

- Can you remember the first record you ever bought?
My first record was probably Kool and the Gang or Parliament Funkadelics. When I was growing up there was a transition taking place from the Soul sounds of the 60s to a new era of music taking place in the 70s, 80s, 90s through today.

- What is your musical background like? Have you always wanted to be a singer?
I started singing seriously around my 20's. I never thought I had much talent, but I was willing to work hard to improve myself. I studied voice for a couple of years to learn how to properly sing, and over time, started developing my own sound, but music and singing is something that I've always enjoyed.

- Who has been your biggest inspiration in music?
Luther Vandross by far has been my biggest influence. I've always admired his approach to singing and how he's worked to have the music arranged to fit his voice and style. He had such a quality to his voice and his singing range was nothing like I'd ever heard from a male singer.

- Who are you main influences as a singer ?
Some of the others that I've listen to over the years would include: Will Downing, BeBe Winans, Peabo Bryson, Brian McKnight, Stevie Wonder, Jeffrey Osborne and many, many others that I've always respected and appreciated their gift.

- How did you hook up with Cllfton Dyson and join his gospel album "Mesmerized"?

The late Clifton Dyson had actually done a few projects with my brother, Reginald. Through that relationship I was introduced to Clifton and we decided to work together on the Mesmerized project.

-Let's talk about your first solo album "Message Of Hope". What was the road like to get there? And please tell us your impressions about it.
"Message of Hope" was born out of my hurt when my father passed away. It was a time in my life of great reflection and confusion and I wanted to do a project that would be uplifting to others as well as for myself. During the time that I was working on the project I found great strength and inspiration that allowed me to find the inner peace that I needed at that time.

- Ex-Diversiti member Devon Howard joined the album. How did you link up with him?
Devon worked with my brother for many years. Through their relationship I was introduced to him and he willing participated in the development of the "Message of Hope" project.

- Please tell us about your "Then & Now" CD, the concept behind the idea and your impressions. And why the title "The & Now"?
The concept of "Then and Now" was to create music and lyrics that had an old school feel and other songs that fit today's sound. We wanted to revive some of music elements from decades past and just have fun with this CD. And from the feedback we've received so far I think we were successful.

- How has the reaction been so far?
The reaction has been very, very positive. The feedback that we have received has come from all over the world, USA, England, Germany, France, Japan, to name a few. We are so very pleased that people have received this project so favorably. The countless emails and text that I've received from DJs and fans has made me appreciate our efforts that much more.

- How do you describe your sound and style ?
I would describe my style as very soulful, I've been compared to Luther Vandross, Will Downing and others that have a very laid back smooth singing style.

- Please tell us more about your producer, the owner of RS Studios and your brother Reggie Staggers.
My brother Reginald, as far back as I can remember, always had a desire to produce music. His journey to perfecting his craft has come with great sacrifice and reward. This project "THEN and NOW" really showcases his talent, growth as a musician and love for soul music.

- Have you ever had a memory in your career that you can't forget?
I sung in a number of different venues, but when I came to the UK, it was so educational and overwhelming to experience the love that people had for soul music. I had never encountered such a knowledgeable group of music lovers. And then to have the opportunity to perform for them was just a dream come true.

- What really drives you or motivates you to continue to play music?
I just have such a love for music and it has been a part of my life, almost like breathing. I feel so peaceful when I'm singing that there's no words that can truly describe the feeling it gives me.

- What is music for you?
Music for me is joy, peace, harmony and love. Music has the ability to touch so many emotions that nothing else in life can do.
- Would you like to say something to your fans?
I would like to thank all of the many people that have sent me positive messages regarding the CD and all of the DJ's that have embrassed the music and provided such positive feedback. I would also like to thank Di-Lee and the Soulchoonz family for their support and continued belief in the CD. I would also like to thank you for the interview. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to perform in Japan soon. To my fans please let me know what you think about the CD, I can be reach on Facebook and MySpace, I look forward to hearing from you. Much love.


The Sounds of Clifton Dyson - "Mesmerized" (US-CD, Two Halves, 1998)
1 Mesmerized by Jackie White Christian
2 Eye Two Eye (Hip Hop) by Clifton Dyson
3 Don't Fake It by Marc Staggers.
4 Cupid Shot An Arrow by Clifton Dyson
5 Got It All by Janet Jones & Clifton Dyson.
6 A Change Is Gonna Come by Clifton Dyson
7 Come Journey With Me by Marc Staggers
8 Don't Worry About the Joneses by Clifton Dyson &Angel D. Thomas.
9 I Wanna Know by Lea
10 Eye Two Eye (Soul) by Clifton Dyson
11 Try Me Baby by Clifton Dyson
12 Slow Your Body Down byClifton Dyson
Clifton Dyson - "Songs Of Inspiration" (US-CD, PGF/Two Halves, 1999)
1 Uphill Climb by Clifton Dyson
2 Send The Rain by Joanne-Clark-Booker
3 Come Journey With Me by Marc Staggers
4 A Change Is Gonna Come by Clifton Dyson
5 How Many Times by Marc Staggers
6 Jesus Won't Take His Love From Me by Clifton Dyson and Joanne-Clark-Booker
7 Got It All by Clifton Dyson and oanne-Clark-Booker
8 I Want To See by Marc Staggers
9 Follow You by Marc Staggers
10 Future by Marc Staggers
Brother Clifton Dyson - "What He's Done For Me" (US-CD, PGF, 2000)
1 What He's Done for Me
2 Don't Let the Sun Go Down
3 Only God's Love
4 God Sent an Angel
5 Feed the Hungry Children
6 God Sent an Angel (Spoken Word)
7 If I Can't Do It I Know My Father Can
8 There's Something About That Name
9 Try Jesus
10 If Only for a Moment
11 Only God's Love (Spoken Word)
Lead vocalists:
Clifton Dyson, Marc Staggers, Lorrie Slye, Detra Ellence Battle, Reverend Dr. Velma Flaming
Marc Staggers - "Message Of Hope" (US-CD, Mar Reg Music, 2003)
1 I'm Ready
2 It's Gonna Be Alrite
3 Open Arms
4 The Sun is Gonna Shine Again
5 Jesus is Faithful
6 Come Journey
7 Just a Chance
8 Take Care of You
9 I Apologize
10 I Will Stand
11 Joy Everlasting
12 Lord I Need You
13 Crying in the Dark
14 This Day
15 My Lord of All
Marc Staggers - "Waiting Here For You" (US-CDS, Mar Reg Music, 2006)
1 Da Producers' Remix
2 Radio Mix
3 Soulful House Mix
Marc Staggers - "Then and Now" (US-CD, Mar Reg Music, 2009)
1 All My Lovin'
2 Can't Get Enough Of This Groove
3 He Can Never Love You
4 Just You & Me
5 When I Think About Your Love
6 If I Was Your Lover
7 Lies
8 Let Me take You To A Place
9 L.O.V.E.
10 Momma

Album review and buy
Radio Interview
by Soulchoonz
Nov,27, 2009