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Keith Martin is a Multi-talented Singer, Songwriter and Musician. He first arrived on the scene with his 1st Single "Never Find Someone Like You" which peaked at #53 on the Billboard Hot 100 and Featured on the "Bad Boys" Movie Soundtrack, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence (Work/Sony). Followed by the Successful release of his 1st Album "It's Long Overdue" (Ruffhouse Columbia), On which he co-wrote six tracks. Keith has just completed his new Album,
"Validated", which features Neo-Soul hit singles like, "Groove On", "My Thang", and "Whateva U Needh. And Huge Ballads like "That Woman""Coming Home", and a new version of the International Hit "Because Of You". Martin's Latest CD "Validated" is available now. (www.Greg-G.com)

Interview with Keith Martin...

- When were you born and where is your birthplace?    
I was born in Washington DC in 1966.

- What did you grew up listening to?
Stevie Wonder

- What is your musical background like?
Started playing Piano, Drums and singing when I was 10.

- Is there artists or producers you would like to collaborate with?
Yes, Producers Babyface, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis and artist Michael Jackson.

- What do you think about the US music scene and the music industry nowadays?
US Music scene is really watered down right now with alot of young Pop. Countries Like Asia and UK have more appreciation for Real Music especially R&B Music.

- Are you planning any recording or releasing your CDs?
 "Validated" is out now and doing well in US. Currently doing alot of Producing and writing and working on new album.

- Would you like to say something to your fans?
To My fans  "thank You for sticking by me all these years and for your continued Support, Especially the Fans in Asia, there support has been overwhelming.

Photos Courtesy Of Greg Gali/ GMG Music Group

(US-CD, G-Music, 2004)
1. Validated
2. Groove On
3. Let Me be The One
4. My Thang
5. Keepin It Real
6. The Only One
7 Cry No More
8. Coming Home
9. Whateva U Need
10. That Woman Is You
11. Work It Out
12. Starship
13. Thank You
14. Because Of You (remix)

Executive Producer:
Greg Gali-Rivera

Love Of My Life
(Phi-CD, EMI, 2004)
1 Because Of You(Accoustic Version)
2 Coming Home
3 Whateva' You Need
4 Love Of My Life
5 Love Doesn't Care
6 Silly Heart
7 I'm Sorry
8 Can We Go Back
9 The Only One
10 Can't Get Over You
11 To You, Oh Load
12 I Can't Bear
13 Because Of You(Original Version)
Bounus Tracks:
14 Closer I Get To You
15 Boyz II Men Medley
Bounus VCD:
1 Because Of You
2 Closer I Get To You
3 Boyz II Men Medley

Exective producer:
Chris Sy
Ramon Chuaying

Album Producer:
Keith Martin
Greg Gali-Rivera
All The Hits
(CD,Blockbuster, 2003)
1 Forever Will Be
2 Because Of You
3 Moment In Time
4 If Love Fells So Good
5 Never Find Someone Like You
6 Whateva U Need
7 Moment In Time
8 One Mile From Paradise
9 Coming Home
10 Groove On
11 The Only One
12 Moment In Time (Live)
13 Because Of You (2003)
It's Long Overdue
(US-CD, Columbia, 1995)
1 Never Find Someone Like You
2 Any Kind Of Reason
3 Somehow ... Someway ...
4 If Love Feels So Good (Why Does It Hurt So Bad)
5 One Mile From Paradise
6 Moment In Time
7 Operator
8 Forever Will Be (The Wedding Song)
9 Give It Up
10 You'll Never Be Alone
11 Real Love
12 L.O.V.E. Love
13 Think Of You All The Time
14 Because Of you

Executive producers : Inerje Barrett and Michael McCary for Black Panther Productions Inc.
for bookings or info, go to: WWW.Greg-G.com
orders, go to: ONLINE STORE

Moment In Time
(US-CDS, Columbia, 1995)
What Ever You Need
Moment In Time
1. LP Version
2. Oji Pierce Remix
3. Live Version
L.O.V.E. Love
4. LP Version
5. Butcher Rimix
6. Taj's Remix
featuring Crush
1. Whatever You Need
2. Baby Love
3. Silly Heart

Produced By Greg Gali and Keith Martin
Executive Producer Greg Gali
Bad Boys
(US-OST CD, Work, 1995)
Simply Soul Flavas II
(UK-CD, FER, 1999)
featured "Never Find Someone Like You" featured "I'll Show You Love"