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North "Tunes" Woodall. A native-born Jackson, Mississippi musician who was raised in Dayton, Ohio has maintained his musical roots since the early age of 11. It was at this age his mother introduced him to the "Guitar", and he has not put it down since. Along the way, he developed more and more of the appreciation of his Art by admiring greats before him; such as, Ernie Isley, Santana and Joe Walsh. In his teenage years, he began to play R&B and thereby entered into several successful talent shows. As a result, he was quickly established with known groups such as The "Delvones" and "Round Trip Ticket".

Many found him to be an astonishing player when he performed throughout the country, and several were quite amazed at the number of songs he could play without repeats that he finally coined his name as "Tunes".

In 1981, Tunes moved to Atlanta and still recalls the great time he had when the opportunity was given to him to play at the Coca-Cola Amphitheater with Lakeside. This opportunity opened many doors for Tunes as he later received more engagements to work with greats such as the Ohio Players, Roger Troutman and Zapp, Roy Aires, Millie Jackson, Tom Browne, and Will Downe.

Having worked on a variety of projects with local talents like Shorty Red, Roy Rowland and Joseph, 2unes has struck the right chord in a season of his own. In 2005, he released his debut album, Hot & Cool, which captured the essence of musical greats After 7, The Beatles, Motherfs Finest, and the late Luther Vandross in an eclectic mix for groove time alone or to party-hearty.

And, in August of 2007, Woodall came straight at you with his sophomore release, Straight @ You. North put new faces on old favorites like Earth Wind and Firefs Letfs Groove and revealed a piece of himself by contributing five original compositions to this project. Straight @ You has tight arrangements and banging guitar solos with great licks. It doesnft get any better than that.

Interview with 2unes...

- Could you briefly tell us about your background? Like, when were you born?
I was born in Jackson,Mississippi. My dad was in the army and our family moved around to Kentucky, Hawaii and Ohio.

- Can you remember the first record you ever bought?

James Brown "There was a time" and Grand funk Railroad "Inside Out"

- Did you get your musical motivation from Ernie Isley, Santana and Joe Walsh?
Yes, There are many more guitar players but not enough time or paper to name them all. I would like to add two more names: Sugar Foot with the Ohio players and Terry Cafe with Chicago.

- Could you tell us a little bit about your debut album "Hot & Cool", like, what was the road like to get there, and how about your impressions about it?
It felt great doing my very first CD, there were some musical challenges along the way to overcome but it all came together the way I wanted it.  

- What did you learn by making this album?
I worked hard and have learned a lot of new business tips about the music world.

- How would you describe your current album "Straight @ You" ?
I love it, it's a bowl of gumbo filled with R&B, Funk, Jazz, Ballard and Rock & Roll plus Hip hop.

- How has the reaction been so far?
The reaction has been great and it is a pleasure to do an interview with Soul treasures in Japan!

- What is your favorite cut on the album?
My favorite cut is Sweet Baby(track 2)

- How would you describe the sound and style of 2unes ?
The sounds are hot and cool and straight @ you

- Are there singers you would like to collaborate with?
Some of the singers I would like to work with are Eric Benet, Chaka Khan, Charlie Wilson, Michael McDonald and Mary J Blige.

- What is your musical philosophy?
Give your all to the music or nothing at all, it's not yours to keep but it is to share, so share it!

- Would you like to say something to your fans?
Thank you! thank you!! and bless you for the support. The music is designed for the fans

North "2unes" Woodall

North "2unes" Woodall - Hot & Cool (US-CD, 2005)
1 8 Day A Week
2 Hot & Cool
3 If Everthing Was Free
4 La La Means I Love You
5 In The Heat Of The Moment
6 Cuatros
7 Night Grooves
8 Love Change
9 Big Times City
10 Havin A Party
2unes - Straight @ You (US-CD, 2007)
1 Rock Steady
2 Sweet Baby
3 Going in Circles
4 All I Need Is You
5 Rain Forest
7 Find Your Way
8 Just Add Water
9 Cafe 290
10 Lets Groove Tonight

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