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In Japan, we realized that people love "Soul music" as much as in Europe . Japanese people in their own unique way enjoy dancing , listening to music and collecting stuff .However ,it is impossible for one person to discover all the music in the world . In the US there still exist many recordings that although excellent , have never been released or distributed . Like an uncut diamond , these are hidden treasures , That is the reason why we established SOUL TREASURES

The current releases of R&B music from various independent labels are checked, reviewed & "diagnosed" by our "SOUL DOCTOR"
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SOUL TREASURES would like to get to know you better. Hoping to hear from you..
Marvin L. Sims - Oct. 20, 2009
Al Boyd - Apr. 10, 2009
The Chestnut Brothers - Nov. 23, 2008
Tony Black - Dec. 02, 2007
Marshall Titus - Aug. 04, 2007
Kurtis Scott - Jul. 28, 2005
Ed Summers - Feb. 9, 2005 - Feb. 09, 2005

You can purchase our favorite, recommended and 'well-worth listening' CDs through CD
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Well introduce soulful and brilliant artists to ya'll inspite of their ages,styles and scales of their companies. Please check and enjoy our reviews.

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A page for independent labels and new artists of Soul / R&B / Gospel music. Submit your band to be featured on our site.
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Currently available "reissue" CD albums are displayed in this section with minimum description
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